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Would you like to learn more about my French tutor services and unique approach to helping students get confident? Check out some of the most common questions my clients have asked below. If you don’t find an answer you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Online French lesson

Why should I get an online tutor?

Getting the opportunity to work one-on-one or in a small group with a native tutor gives you or your child the opportunity to speak and put your knowledge in practice, improving your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation with the added bonus of getting your ears attuned to a native speaker from day one. A tutor will also plan a tailored progression, give you the exercises you need, help you stay motivated and always encourage you. For your child, French lessons with a native tutor is the guarantee of a good start: a fun introduction to the language and a perfect comprehension and pronunciation of the French sounds.


Why online lessons?

With online classes, you benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a native tutor in the comfort of your own home. No time wasted to travel to your class, more time to practise French :) It’s a welcome benefit for children who already have enough after school activities to travel to.


What material do I need?

A tablet or laptop with a good functioning speaker, a webcam and an internet connection, a notebook to take notes. Depending on your level and needs, I can recommend you to buy one or more books.


Do you offer face to face lessons?

Yes, if you live close enough to my area (Epsom KT17). Contact me to discuss this option.


What does a lesson consist in?

- A typical class of French as a foreign language for children involves speaking about topics that interest the child, using a workbook, reading stories, playing games, singing songs, watching short videos… to work on grammar and vocabulary in a fun way. After each lesson, I'll send you a summary of the activities done, the resources we used and optional homework.

- For native/bilingual children who need help to improve their French, I assess their strengths and needs and create tailored lessons using games, worksheets, stories, songs, online exercises, short videos... 

- In a conversation class for adults, I help you to speak with confidence, to improve your pronunciation, to expand your vocabulary... I can give you exercises to complete during the week and vocabulary to learn. Of course, I adapt to your needs and wishes.

For a sneak peak of some materials I use, have a look at my gallery.


How often do I need to have a lesson?

- With one to one lessons, ideally 40 minutes or 1h at least once a week to keep good study habits and get feedback on your progress with the language.

- Group lessons are scheduled once a week and you sign up for a term. Don’t worry if you or your child miss a class though, I can send you the work to do at home.

What are the payment options?

- You can pay by bank transfer or PayPal, in GBP or euros

- One to one lessons have to be paid 24h before. Some clients prefer to purchase a block of lessons in advance because it is more convenient.

- Group lessons are paid in advance in blocks of 6 (half term) or 12 (term).

Can I cancel a lesson?

- You can cancel a one to one lesson if you give notice up to 24h before. If it's paid in advance, we will reschedule it. If you don't cancel it at least 24h in advance, the lesson is due.

- Please note that group sessions are not refundable, and need to be paid in advance for the term.

- If I need to cancel the lesson, I will reschedule it.


Do you teach young children?

I currently don’t teach children under 7 because I choose to specialise in helping primary and secondary school aged students, and adults. However, I can recommend you excellent tutors for your young children, please contact me.

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