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Abbreviations for units of measurement in French (+ the world's longest baguette!)

Bilingual children schooled in a language other than French can sometimes lack vocabulary for everyday things because they are used to manipulating these notions in their other language. I created these acitvities on units of measurement for an 8-year-old student who found herself puzzled by "cm" while reading a text.

These activities can also be used for French as a foreign language.

Here are two exercises for reading the most common abbreviations of units of measurement:

This is an opportunity to learn more about the world record for the longest baguette that has just been broken by the French! I purposely used the abbreviations for the length and in the recipe. I also had to explain to my little English speakers that in numbers, in France the comma replaces the period as a decimal separator.

I hope you like these resources! Feel free to give me feedback or tag me on Instagram or Facebook if you use my resources.


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