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Cœur and other French words with œ

Here are some resources I created for my native students but you can also use them for French as a foreign language!

It's nearly Valentine's day, why not teach to your students how to write the word "cœur"? This word contains a special letter: l'e dans l'o (also called "o e collés"). In English, there's a way to remember the name of this letter : "e dans l'o" sounds like "œufs dans l'eau" ("eggs in water").

Œ is not made of two letters like oe in the word "coexister" for example: it is actually one letter, making one sound. In all the words below it makes the sound [œ] except in "vœu" and "nœud" where it makes [ø]. This letter comes from medieval Latin where it was used to represent the Greek diphthong οι (oi). It is found in several words today (I only included the most frequent ones in my lists):

I made different versions depending of the level of difficulty that you want. Some versions have the word next to the picture, others will make your students work on their vocabulary too because they'll need to match picture and word:

Then why not watch a video about a French expression with the word "cœur"? Avoir le coeur sur la main (Connaître les expressions françaises amusantes) - YouTube

The website C'est quoi la France? (videos about French culture for French speaking children living abroad) has a very good video explaining 5 expressions with the word "cœur".

I hope that you liked these resources. Happy Saint Valentin!

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