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Game about French pronominal verbs

I created this game about pronominal verbs (les verbes pronominaux) for my bilingual students who are a bit unsure how to use them. It can also be used by beginners in French. I made this board game and dice using templates found online.

The game can be used with présent or other verb tenses like passé composé (to remember that we need to use "être").

Click on the game to save it:

Verbs: se lever/se réveiller, s'amuser, se brosser les dents, se brosser les cheveux/se coiffer, se coucher/s'endormir, se laver/se doucher, s'habiller, se promener.

And here are the dice. I made different versions depending on the pronouns you want to work on. With very young beginners or bilingual children who struggle a bit, I don't use nous et vous for now.

I hope you'll have fun!


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