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Halloween in French: games and story for beginners

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

My young learners love Halloween!

So I created some fun games for them to memorise the vocabulary.

First, the words:

Then the same without the words, and a Kim game (guess the missing one):

And I also created a Bingo game. I draw the 16 cards one by one and say them in French: each child has a different grid (I made 5) and crosses out the ones I say out loud. The first one who finishes his grid wins!

Next the children are ready for a story. First, the words:

Let's practise with some sentences. I read, a child draws (on Zoom), then we do the next sentence. A child can also draw something and the rest of the group has to guess which sentence it is.

And here is the short story. The unknown vocabulary (prépare, arrivent, horreur, pointu...) is very similar to English, making this story easy to understand:

This is the same version but with the whole story in pictures:

And finally, 'trouve les différences'!

Have fun!

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