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La nourriture/food: resources for children beginners in French

For my beginners in French, I've created these food-themed resources. The choice of vocabulary was dictated by the manual I use. The objectives of these two sessions are: the vocabulary of food, the articles le/la/les, I like / I do not like / I eat.

I'm sharing here a Book creator, vocabulary sheets, games and an introduction to the 'déterminants définis' (le, la, les).

Before class, my students had to discover the words at home by listening to this Book creator.

Here is the same vocabulary (if you don't use the book print this):

After re-reading the words in class, we move on to games. First, connect the word and the image (I allow annotations on the screen on Zoom so children can draw lines):

On this page, I name (or a student names) a food and another student must circle it. Other variations are possible.

Now we notice the "little words" that precede each noun and that must be learned with the words:

In their notebook (or on the vocabulary sheet), I make them circle in pink, blue or green the articles according to the gender/plural. Then I share this:

To learn how to express one's tastes, we introduce these verbs:

With these verbs, we can play noughts and crosses in teams or 2 by 2:

And here are finally some differences (there are 8) to practice the vocabulary again! "In picture 1, there is..." ;" In picture 2, there is..." and children can circle the difference on the screen. Click to enlarge:

I hope this material will be useful to you too! Feel free to share it with the link to this page :)

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