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La Suisse (Switzerland) for beginners in French

Updated: May 18

After Switzerland's victory in the Eurovision Song Contest, I prepared activities about this country for my beginners.

These slides in PDF:

Eurovision Suisse
Download PDF • 853KB

We locate Switzerland and discover which languages are spoken there and some characteristics of the country.

The cards in PDF:

Cartes Suisse
Download PDF • 892KB

Then we learn some vocabulary (click on the picture to save it):

Match words and pictures:

We practise this vocabulary by naming the picture that disappeared:

The game in PDF:

Jeu de Kim Suisse
Download PDF • 1.41MB

A written activity (2 versions "je voudrais"/"on peut"):

And a board game (2 versions "je voudrais"/"on peut"):

In these two sessions, I also used photos of Switzerland to comment on (cheese, chocolate, Matterhorn, skiing, train...), a video (watch and name what you saw) and we read the information cards about Switzerland from Twinkl. You can also use one of these free fact sheets found on the internet:

And finally 2 slides to revise or practise asking or answering questions:

I hope your children or students like these resources, let me know if you use them!


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