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Build questions easily to play "Qui est-ce"/"Guess who" in French (beginners)

Updated: May 15

When I teach the vocabulary related to the face, my aim is for my beginners to be able to play "Qui est-ce?" ("Guess who?"). Because it's fun!

Not only do they need the vocabulary, but they also need to be able to make sentences to ask questions.

To make it easier, I created some cards that they can manipulate and combine to create all the questions they need. After a few minutes, my 6 year old student was able to play "Qui est-ce?" with me 100% in French!

First we learn the vocabulary with the poster above and the Kim game:

Kim visage
Download PDF • 1.15MB

To reinforce these first words we listen to a cute song: Bilingual Beats - MON VISAGE - YouTube

The students can also play some online games on Wordwall like this one: Hair and Eyes - French - Match up (

And we're ready to read, make sure we understand, and use our cards!

Here are the cards with all the vocabulary needed to build questions to play "Qui est-ce?", either the game from Hasbro or this printable one: Qui est-ce : le célèbre jeu à faire vous même grâce à ce bricolage. | MOMES (

Depending on the game you use, you may not need all the cards. Feel free to add some words if needed.

Qui est-ce voc
Download PDF • 2.05MB

A few examples of cards:

As you see they're very easy to put together to make sentences! Of course at this stage we don't explain the plurals, the genders, the verbs etc. The aim of the session is to be able to build questions to play.

To show your student how to combine them you can use one of these slides:

Download these 3 slides:

Qui est-ce carte questions
Download PDF • 450KB

Help your student to combine their cards (on the table or on the screen) and start playing! Take the cards you need, put them in the right order and ask questions! The children will learn and remember the words by playing.

Have fun! My 6 year old didn't want to stop after 40 minutes and I had to bring the game back the following week :)


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