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Resources about Astérix for beginners in French (physical description, parc Astérix...)

I have created these resources for my beginners at A1 level.

In a first session, we discover the universe and characters of Asterix, before moving on to the physical description of the characters with the objective of playing a game of Guess who.

I also have a series of slides to review the emotions and verbs learned in my Easter activities, and activities about the Parc Astérix.

Here are some examples of slides that you will find below in a PDF:

The whole lesson with the presentation of the world of Asterix, verbs in the present tense and a video (link here) to tell in French:

Astérix présentation
Download PDF • 1.96MB

For the second session, the objective is to learn to describe the characters through several activities in order to play a game of Guess who.

Here you'll find all the vocabulary and activities:

Astérix description 1
Download DOCX • 3.64MB

Astérix description 2
Download DOCX • 10.88MB

I ask parents to print this page with all the vocabulary on it so the children can have it:

Astérix description imprimer
Download DOCX • 1.67MB

And the picture to play Guess who (thanks to Despina Mavromataki for the picture):

Here are a few slides to review the verbs known to my students and the emotions. The images are from the album L'iris blanc.

Here are the slides:

Astérix quiz émotions et verbes
Download PDF • 2.95MB

And finally, a few activities about the Parc Astérix to discover the place, the vocabulary of the amusement park and revise some verbs (eat, sleep, have fun):

Here are my slides about the parc Astérix:

Parc Astérix
Download PDF • 4.14MB

It was a lot of work to create these ressources and I hope you'll find them useful. If you use them with your children or students, I would love to hear from you!


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