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Resources about Easter/Pâques in French

Updated: May 15

For our last beginners' class before Easter, of course the subject will be... Pâques! Because it's fun to talk about chocolate and watch pictures of cute baby chicks, and also because we have an interesting tradition in France. Chocolate eggs are not brought by a bunny...

This video explains the tradition! It's in French but easy to understand: La légende des cloches de Pâques - Easter in France - Ostern in Frankreich - YouTube

Because I want the children to listen to some stories and play a quiz game, first we need the vocabulary of 'Pâques' so I created these slides (click to save):

We'll practice the words with these pictures. Find the correct word for each picture:

Click here to download:

Pâques trouve le bon mot
Download PDF • 1.76MB

I also created the pictures witout the words:

My students love the interactive games on Wordwall so I found this quiz : Paques - Quiz (

Then we will read this story and try to undestand as many words as possible:

And finish the lesson with another game and a song!

Joyeuses Pâques!

Do you have any resources to share about Easter? Comment below!


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