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Resources in French to learn about la galette des rois

In January I'm always excited to prepare lessons about a French tradition I love: la galette des rois! On January 6th, or most frequently on the first Sunday after the New year (this year on January 8th), French people share a special pie, la galette des rois, to celebrate the Three Wise Men, les rois. This day is also called "l'épiphanie".

I share with you the documents I created for my beginners students. If you're a parent, please feel free to use it with your child to reinforce the vocabulary! If you're a French teacher, you're welcome to use my documents in your class, as long as you don't repost them (but include a link).

First, I made a poster to explain the tradition. I read (insisting on transparent words) and we translate:

You can also show your children or your students this video in English: Epiphany in France (English version) - YouTube

Then we'll use the flashcards to learn the vocabulary :

Vocabulaire galette
Download PDF • 786KB

Or this slide with all 6 words:

For younder students, I made this simple worksheet with only 3 words:

la galette easy
Download PDF • 395KB

My students can match pictures and words:

To go further, I also made slides with simple sentences that we use when we celebrate the Epiphanie:

phrases galette
Download PDF • 963KB

With some more advanced students I'll do a worksheet to conjugate 3 verbs, manger (to eat), être (to be) and avoir (to have):

manger être avoir
Download PDF • 555KB

Here you find the model (or answers):

manger être avoir exemple
Download PDF • 750KB

And because I love playing games with my students (even online!), I created this board game:

Roll the dice, say the word in French, and voilà!

Finally, we'll watch this cute video of Petit Ours Brun eating la galette des rois and try to understand as many words as possible:

Or this one of T'choupi (slightly more advanced):

And if you want to bake a delicious galette (very easy to make), here is my favourite recipe:

If you need help with the translation, ask Google translate, or book a lesson with me, I also teach adults :)

Bonne fête des rois, et bonne galette!

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