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Rooms and actions in the house (French for beginners)

Updated: May 15

Here are some useful resources to work on rooms and actions in the house with your children if you're a parent, or your students if you're a teacher/tutor.

This video and this Bookcreator are great to learn the house names.

Here are the resources I created to practise the house and actions in the house vocabulary.

And the PDF:

actions maison
Download PDF • 447KB

These resources are a great way to use the rooms vocabulary, understand when to use il/elle est, ils/elles sont ant the question word où, and use the preposition of place dans.

Download this as PDF:

Où est pièce
Download PDF • 1.64MB

Où est imprimer
Download DOCX • 7.28MB

Actions in the house :

The cards in PDF:

Actions dans la maison texte
Download PDF • 811KB

The same without the words:

Download in PDF:

Actions dans la maison images
Download PDF • 630KB

This vidéo de la maison Playmobil is great to talk about the actions we see:

The children can choose a picture and describe what they see using the pattern "Dans (pièce), il/elle (action)":

(I don't have the soucre of these pictures found on the internet).

I created this differences game based on a picture from Popi, so the children can use all their house/actions/family vocabulary:

And in the end, here is a written exercise to revise all these new words:

Actions dans la maison exercice
Download DOCX • 608KB

Actions dans la maison exercice - avec pièces
Download DOCX • 608KB

If you use these resources with your children or students, please let me know how it went!


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