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Activities around the story Roule galette for beginners in French

Last year I shared these resource about the French tradition of 'La galette des rois' for beginners. This year we're reading and doing activities around the famous story Roule galette.

I'm sharing here resources that I found, adapted and created to do two sessions.

First the vocabulary that I found on the blog The French club:

With these images séquentielles, the children can guess what the story is about, we can also put them in the correct order, use them to tell the story...

Then it's time to watch the video or to read the story.

I love this small book created by La classe des Gnomes. This small book can be downloaded here among others. I slightly changed it to move a line that was upside down but everything is from La classe des Gnomes:

This one has spaces to write the name of each character:

I created some empty booklets so that we can invent stories based on the same model as La P'tite école du FLE did it:

Here you can find the story on one page, with the text to glue under the pictures, if you don't have the time or the material to make the booklets:

Histoire coller
Download DOCX • 1.03MB

The vocabulary that you'll need to understand and write the story in the booklet:

And finally, two noughts and crosses games to practise the structure "L'ours veut manger...":

I hope your children or students will enjoy these activities around Roule Galette!


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