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La liste de Noël | Christmas wishlist (French for beginners)

Updated: May 15

This year I've created some activities to learn the toys and games vocabulary in order to write a letter to the Père Noël! You are welcome tu use them as well with your children or your students.

First, the vocabulary:

To practise, here is a Kim game (one thing has disappeared on each slide). You can also name a toy or game and let the children go and fetch it!

Download the PDF:

Jeu de Kim jeux jouets
Download PDF • 2.49MB

With these words, the children can now write their list to the Père Noël with this document that I slightly changed from a template on Canva:

Ready for a listening exercise! I say what a child wishes (Cher Père Noël, pour Noël, je voudrais...) and they have to find out which child is speaking:

The différences game is always a success. It motivates children to speak and use their vocabulary to be the first to point a difference! These pictures, found on the Jellycat Instagram account, are very useful to revise the Christmas vocabulary:

And finally this can help young students describe some of the beautiful Christmas pictures that we find on the internet:

I hope this was useful, please let me know if you used some of these resources with your children or your students!


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